Charitable Giving as Part of an Estate Plan

Did you know that according to Giving USA, a public-service initiative of the Giving USA Foundation, charitable giving rose 5.4 percent to a record $358.4 billion in 2014?

That’s a lot oECEPC-ECCFFeb2016LunchEvent2f philanthropic dollars.

Perhaps even more amazing is that 72 percent of those dollars were donated by individuals.

Today, 20 members of the Essex County Estate Planning Council gathered at the offices of Essex County Community Foundation in Danvers to enjoy lunch and learn more about charitable giving as part of an estate plan, and the various ways professional advisors can help their clients  meet their philanthropic goals – and hopefully continue the upward trend of giving.

ECCF President and CEO, Dave Edwards, gave a detailed overview of the many ways professional advisors can work with clients to craft an estate plan that allows them to create a legacy for the future, and how philanthropic giving can be made possible to more people through estate planning.

“Many people can’t give gifts now because of the economy,” said Edwards. “A planned gift, especially an estate gift, IS possible for many people.”

During his presentation, Edwards discussed:

  • The state of local and national philanthropy
  • The important role of the advisor in charitable giving
  • Charitable giving tools
  • The different types of bequests
  • The growing leadership role of ECCF in Essex County

Following Edwards’ informative presentation, ECEPC members asked questions about Essex County’s philanthropic needs, the periodic flat tax proposals, how ECCF works with its donors and more.

Edwards said that with competition for philanthropic dollars rising, any charitable monies kept within Essex County are all right with him. But, he added, ECCF is the foremost source of personal service, local knowledge and community leadership – all of which add up to your philanthropic dollars going further.

For more information on estate planning, charitable giving, Donor Advised Funds and ways in which Essex County Community Foundation will work with professional advisors to better serve their philanthropic clients, contact ECCF at 978-777-8876, or email Dave Edwards at 

The next Lunch & Learn event will take place on April 26 at the offices of Attorney Vincent E. Bonazzoli in Lynnfield. The topic will be “Recent Developments in Estate Planning Practice.” Also, join the ECEPC for our March 22 breakfast meeting at Spinelli’s, where the topic will be “Inherited IRAs – Opportunities and Pitfalls.” For details on both events, please visit



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